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World Coronavirus Tracker: Live Coverage

April 30, 2020 0

Millions who had risen out of poverty are pulled back in by the pandemic. The gains the world was making in fighting poverty are at grave risk as the coronavirus brings countries to a grinding […]


All Tara Reade’s Deniers – WSJ

April 30, 2020 0

Joe Biden held a Virtual Women’s Town Hall on Tuesday, and the minor news was Hillary Clinton’s appearance and endorsement. The real news is what didn’t happen. This was another public forum where Mr. Biden […]


Live Coronavirus Cases and Deaths Tracker

April 30, 2020 0

3.8 million more workers filed for unemployment benefits last week. That’s probably an undercount. The figures announced Thursday by the Labor Department bring the number of workers joining the official jobless ranks in the last […]

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What Do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal?

April 30, 2020 0

Bibliophiles do not approach bookshelves lightly. A stranger’s collection is to us a window to their soul. We peruse with judgment, sometimes admiration and occasionally repulsion (Ayn Rand?!). With celebrities now frequently speaking on television […]