27 Of The Most Traumatizing Movies Of All Time

These movies gave us nightmares.

And people had some really great responses! Here are some of the best:


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

@AnneGaviola Believe it or not, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I was terrified of the Child Catcher.

@AnneGaviola 101 Dalmatians, the original Disney cartoon, I was so traumatized by Cruella DeVil that my dad invented her sister , Kindella, who rescued all the dogs, I was about 4.

@AnneGaviola Sounds silly but “Old Yeller” traumatized me as a little kid when I saw it as probably a 6 or 7 year old.

I was so sad and never watched the movie again for probably 30 years until I had kids.

@AnneGaviola Jaws

I used to think sharks could get anywhere after that.

Swimming pools, the bath tub, lakes, rivers, creeks, and of course, the ocean.

At a pool party at my uncle’s house, I couldn’t understand why everyone was so happy.

I thought Jaws was coming any second.

@AnneGaviola Alien. Specifically, this scene. I was 8 when the movie came out, still young when it ran on tv for the 1st time. I was reminded of what I learned about childbirth; THAT scene cemented my decision to never be pregnant.

[Gif: A guy writhing in pain as an alien burst out of him.]


The Blair Witch Project

@AnneGaviola Dumbo. Seeing how Dumbo’s mom was treated absolutely devastated me and kept me up at night crying about animals forced to work in the circus. Absolutely broke my heart and I never forgot it. I’ve hated the Ringling Brothers since I was a small child.


What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

@AnneGaviola Robert Aldrich’s What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

@AnneGaviola Watership Down. My parents thought, it’s a cartoon about rabbits!! Left us in the basement to watch. Little did they know… little did they know. Haunted me for years. Watched it recently and I could feel the anxiety build up!


The Neverending Story

@AnneGaviola Still struggling to come to terms with the fact The Witches was supposed to be a kids’ film.

@AnneGaviola Pet sematary, the original. Didn’t help that I was attacked by a barn cat after watching it.

@AnneGaviola “The Truman Show”

Legit thought there were cameras everywhere and I was the star of the show for a bit thereafter. (~9 years old)

Little did I know the future that would soon be upon us…


Night of the Living Dead

@AnneGaviola Original “Night of the Living Dead”..
The ending..this guy😭
(I was 7yrs old)

@AnneGaviola The Thing. I watched that when I was like 10 years old and I was afraid of dogs for a solid month.

wtf were my parents thinking

@AnneGaviola Psycho. I made sure I always had a clear shower curtain after seeing it. 🔪

@AnneGaviola The Lion King. Mufasa’s death scene had me in bits. I was only a kid and had never really thought about death. It still gets me now.

What movies scarred you as a child? Let us know in the comments!

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