Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses With Realistic Faces

Holistic wellbeing practitioner and artist Holly Fae, known as @hollyfae_art on TikTok, recently went viral after posting videos of her artwork reimagining Disney Princesses with more “realistic” faces — and some of them are fairly unrecognizable.

BuzzFeed spoke to Holly, who said the inspiration initially came, funny enough, when she was trying to make a meme that featured Elsa.


“I just realized, ‘Wow, her eyes are SO BIG!’ And I wondered, ‘What would she look like with more realistic proportions?’ I started editing and recording the process, and I posted it just for fun. Before I knew it, the video had thousands of views, then a million, and it kept going! People started asking if I could do the same with other princesses, and it turned into a fun project for me!”

For her princess transformations, Holly alters the proportions of their animated features to create a more realistically styled drawing, giving the Disney characters a subtle — but iconic — real-life makeover. Here are some of her coolest creations:

So, what’s next for Holly? According to her, she’s planning to finish all the Disney Princesses and then transform characters from other franchises, like How to Train Your Dragon.

With more than 25 million views on her original Elsa video, one thing’s for sure — the internet is loving her transformations. “Reading messages people have sent me saying that they felt inspired to make art after seeing mine really touches my heart,” Holly said. “I think that inspiring others is one of the greatest things we can get out of life.”

What’s your favorite ~realistic~ Disney character transformation? Let me know in the comments below!

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