Cartoons are satirizing John Bolton’s new book about Trump

Kuper says he also found ready humor by toying with Bolton’s name, for a twisted book title that’s a send-up of Dr. Seuss.

“I was just looking at his name, and Bolton and Horton hooked up,” Kuper says of his spoof title, “Bolton Heard a Who” — a spin on the 1954 children’s book about equality and individual rights.

The result was Kuper’s favorite kind of cartoon: One that “pops into my head and can get realized quickly.”

As for the larger political climate, Kuper says: “There’s so much material — I wish I had less.”

Meanwhile, thoughts of books took Steve Sack’s sense of humor in a direct direction.

“I met the founder of Little Free Libraries, the late Todd Bol, several years ago when I gave a talk about a cartoon book I’d recently published,” says Sack, the political cartoonist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Ever since, I found myself noticing those little libraries more and more, and tucked away the notion to use the image someday.

“When Bolton’s and Mary Trump’s books hit the news, I figured now was a good time,” he continues. “Originally I thought to place it in front of the White House, but placing it in Biden’s yard seemed like an extra sweet little dig.”

And Steve Breen, the cartoonist for the San Diego Union-Tribune, decided to get playful with Bolton’s book and his mustache.

“Mustaches and eyeglasses and a full head of hair really help anchor a person’s recognizability — then when someone has a mustache as big and bushy as Bolton’s, it’s irresistible,” he says.

And for his cartoon’s second panel, Breen drew Trump as angry that “a neo-con figure is showing disloyalty and exposing the lies and misdeeds,” explaining: “I imagine his head feels like it’s going to explode.”

Here’s how some other cartoonists are lampooning President Trump and Bolton’s book:

Bart van Leeuwen (Cagle Cartoons):

R.J. Matson (CQ Roll Call):

Bob Englehart (Cagle Cartoons):

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