Cher Wore Over 30 Outfits In “Clueless” And I Ranked Them All

“Hey, who’s watching the Galleria?”


This Valentine’s Day plaid look:

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I’m not gonna lie, y’all. This outfit is straight up uggo…especially the weird black fur trim. Thank goodness we only see this ‘fit for a second in the opening montage.


This denim-on-denim ensemble:

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Now, normally I LOVE a matching set…but this was not it.


This satin yellow outfit:

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I’m biased ’cause I have an aversion to silky tops.


This pointy-collared argyle combo:

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I feel like this outfit just ages her so much? She’s a 16-year-old high school student, not a 38-year-old paralegal.


This brown argyle sweater:

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Again, this ages her a bit. Also, she’s a little dull! Bring on the color, Cher!


Mrs. Geist’s bridesmaids dress:

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I won’t hold this one against Cher. She couldn’t pick out her bridesmaid dress.


This shiny pink sweater and plaid pant combo:

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OK, now we’re getting a LITTLE bit closer to the cute clothes. Though, this outfit seemed to lack a lil’ of Cher’s fashionable pizzazz.


This inferior red dress:

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On its own, this dress is hella cute. But after seeing Cher wear another notable red dress (discussed later), this one immediately dropped in the ranks.


This sage-and-pink floral silk dress:

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This dress would have been ranked lower…but somehow the big, pink “captain” button works? IDK. Maybe that’s just me.


This casual sporty look:

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This ‘fit did the OPPOSITE of the argyle ones, IMO. This combo makes Cher look a little juvenile. That being said, middle school me would have ate this shit up!


This monochromatic mint mini dress:

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Love the dress…don’t love the matching tiny bag. What is that? A purse for ants?


This white eyelet crop top and lilac pant combo:

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Had this not been the outfit that Josh kissed her in, it would probs be ranked higher. But, alas, it falls into the “cute, but forgettable” category since I cannot pay attention to anything else when Paul Rudd is on the screen.


This white baby tee and baby blue miniskirt combo:

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Christian was right — her stems were hella cute, but the rest of the outfit was just a lil’ bleh, ya know?


This casual mom-fit:

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OK, the next few outfits are the VERY FEW instances when Cher dressed down in a perfect fitting pair of Levi mom jeans. No complaints here.


This other mom-fit:

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See: above. This one is ranked a bit higher since Paul Rudd is also on screen.


The final mom-fit:

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You got cute tank-and-tee layering PLUS Paul Rudd. Need I say more?


This so-ugly-she’s-cute cardigan:


This gym oufit:

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I swear, if I walked down Melrose right now, I’d see at least 10 girls in this exact outfit.


This burgundy shift dress:

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I mean, if I were Amber, I would copy this outfit, too.


This pinstripe suit:

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I’m pretty sure Cher Horowitz is the only person who can pull off a beret.


This leather co-ord:

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Blair Waldorf meets biker chic. We love to see it.


The Calvin Klein dress:

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“Cher, what are you wearing?” “A dress.” “Says who?” “Calvin Klein.” One of the most iconic exchanges in cinema.


This pleated black mini and white cardigan combo:

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This one is kind of a deep cut, and isn’t even on screen for that long, but I really liked it. I could see myself wearing this, like, today.


This striped shirt and red plaid mini combo:

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This outfit deserved WAY more screentime. Cher should teach a master class on how to mix prints.


This full on red plaid co-ord:

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So fucking cute. The socks, the matching dress and jacket, the beret. Ugh, I love.


This oversized Oxford and mini red vest combo:

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By now, you must have been able to discern that I have a thing for red plaid.


This pistachio colored ensemble:

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OK, disregard what I said about fur earlier. THIS is how you do fur. Cute as heck.


This sheer black over-shirt outfit:

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The amount of time and energy I’ve put into trying to assemble all the pieces required to recreate this exact outfit…is a lot.


This “buns of steel” workout onesie:

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If I looked this cute in workout gear, I wouldn’t need to workout.


This white sheer over-shirt outfit:

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Sure, she’s a virgin who can’t drive, but when you look this fabulous, who cares???


The red Alaïa dress and matching jacket:

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The ensemble is too iconic for a watch. Truly.


The yellow plaid ensemble:

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Ugh, AS IF any other outfit could be ranked first?

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