Facts Only Millennials Will Totally Agree On


That Orbitz really weren’t that great, but you drank them anyway:


That nothing annoyed you more than the Shirley Temple DVD collection commercial that played every five minutes on Cartoon Network:

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And that the iPod + iTunes commercials were pretty lit (and you would usually download the song they used in it):


That anytime you had to spell out “bananas,” your mind would immediately think of Gwen singing “B-A-N-A-N-A-S” in “Hollaback Girl”:


That you can’t hear TLC’s “No Scrubs”…


…or Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” without screaming out the lyrics:


That Josie and the Pussycats is one of the best, funniest, and most underrated movies ever:

MCA/Courtesy Everett Collection


That you low-key thought all the cars on Pimp My Ride looked like a mess after the makeover:


That 9 times out of 10, the rooms on TLC’s Trading Spaces looked, um, BUDGET AF and you lived for that:

A. Smith & Co. Productions / Courtesy: Everett Collection


And that you secretly hoped someone would get Hildi Santo-Tomas as their interior designer, just for your amusement:

A. Smith & Co. Productions / Courtesy: Everett Collection


That these cameras weren’t great and you always thought twice about taking a photo with it ’cause the film for it was pricey:


That 3D Doritos tasted better than the regular ones:


That you had to watch this show with one finger on the remote control in case your parents walked in:


That the hardest part about going to Jamba Juice was picking the boost you wanted in it:

David McNew / Getty Images


That you couldn’t hear the “Cha Cha Slide”…


…or the Fired Up! commercial without getting up and dancing along:

Only the real ones will remember this iconic infomercial from our childhood 😂 #firedup #90sbaby #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow


That phone charms were actually annoying and more trouble than they were worth:

Yoshikazu Tsuno / Getty Images


That nothing was more annoying than trying to use an iPod FM transmitter on a long car trip:


That owning an iHome radio (with the remote!) made you feel bougie AF:


That there is nothing you wanted more than a VCR and DVD TV combo in your room:


That there was nothing scarier than the first time you downloaded an MP3 from LimeWire because you thought the FBI was going to break down your door:


And that there was no bigger feeling of triumph than finding a real and good quality MP3 of a new song you wanted on LimeWire:


That there was nothing more frustrating than going on vacation and forgetting your digital camera battery charger at home:


That these tasted soooo good that it was worth destroying the inside of your mouth for them:


That you knew half of what people wrote about their lives on LiveJournal was a lie (but you allowed yourself to believe it anyway):


That 75% of the fun of playing The Sims was designing the house:


That this was a poor substitute for the robot dog that cost thousands of dollars (which, itself, was a poor substitute for a real dog):


That there was nothing more satisfying than answering your flip phone in a dramatic manner:


That half the time you pretended you knew what the hell was happening on Lost:

ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection


That no matter how many times you had seen them, you could always rewatch episodes of VH1’s Behind the Music:


That “Dilemma” is this generation’s “Summer Nights” and will never not sound great:


And finally, that these pails were the worst to go trick-or-treating with because they didn’t hold much candy — and the handles dug into your hands because of the weight of the candy that it did hold:

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