Kardashians Share Final KUWTK Episode Filming Photos

The official KUWTK IG account posted a video of Kim saying, “We’re done. We’re never filming again. Isn’t that so crazy?” — before toasting with three crew members, all wearing masks.

Of course, the fam posted plenty on their own accounts. Kim shared a snap of the mic packs, which means it’ll probably be a full house for the Kardashian-Jenners in the final ep.

Her story then took us to a super long table outside, where each Kardashian-Jenner had their own face on a cookie, which I…yeah, wow, okay.

Seriously, these cookies.

Kylie shared her ‘fit for the final ep:

Khloé posted more of the cookie-face table, and the Kardashian bbs:

Kourtney was, “Officially sobbing.”

And all in all, things looked emotional — with Kim writing, “It’s a wrap! Not on the tears or the drinks tho.”

Given that Kim is currently in the middle of a ton of divorce rumors RN, this could have some ~ interesting ~ implications for the final season.

I kan’t believe the final season will soon be upon us!

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