Mall Shooting in Wisconsin Leaves 8 Hurt, Police Say

Eight people were hurt in a shooting at a mall near Milwaukee on Friday afternoon, and the gunman remained at large, the authorities said.

Dennis McBride, the mayor of Wauwatosa, Wis., said that the shooting happened at the Mayfair Mall and that those hurt did not have life-threatening injuries. He said it was not clear that those hurt were gunshot victims.

The police chief, Barry Weber, said at a news conference on Friday evening that seven adults and one teenager were injured and that there were no known fatalities. Details on the victims’ conditions and ages were not released.

The gunman was gone by the time the authorities arrived, officials said.

The shooting, which was reported around 2:50 p.m. local time and happened near an entrance to Macy’s, apparently resulted from a fight and was not a “random act,” the Wauwatosa police said.

One of the employees quickly told other store workers, using a walkie-talkie, that there was a shooting, and they ran to a stock room with about a dozen customers and locked the door.

“I just saw people running back to the back room, and so I just stopped what I was doing and ran back there,” Ms. Kenworthy said.

Aaron Perry, 32, was at the center of the mall when he heard a burst of gunfire, then a pause, then another burst of gunfire.

He turned around and ran to a store where he and about a dozen other people closed the front gate, went to a storage closet and hid.

Mr. Perry said that he and everyone with him were uninjured, and that the shooting sounded as if it had come from one individual who took time to reload.

“I was shaken up due to hurrying up and trying to close the doors,” said Mr. Perry, calling from his hiding place. “But we’re OK.”

Gordon Lugauer, owner of Board Game Barrister, said he also heard two bursts of gunfire. One round came into the store.

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