Overhyped Movies, According To Twitter

Featuring some of your faves, probably.

On Saturday, Twitter user @explicitfilm asked people, “Do you ever watch a film that Twitter hyped up, and you’re like, ‘??'”

do you ever watch a film that twitter hyped up and you’re like ?? why tf do y’all like this

Well, the tweet went viral, and people began replying with examples of movies that are overhyped. Here’s what they said:


@explicitfilm Uncut Gems. Overhyped, not as stressful as I had been told, pacing makes no sense in some sequences, every basketball sequence had me confused tf was going on, Sandler does great but my God the story is weird


@explicitfilm y’all will cancel me but call me by your name was terrible. way too long and boring sorry


cmbyn was fucking terrible. not only was it predatory & gross, it was just a sucky movie overall ??? https://t.co/s6L2ryM6w8


@explicitfilm me with lady bird. i’m so sorry. it was average to me but i love saoirse ronan with my entire heart !!


@explicitfilm Bird Box was so overrated. The concept was good but the movie did it so poorly i was tired 30mins in


@explicitfilm Marriage Story is just a theater kid’s wet dream, shit was extremely overrated


Through Night and Day. lowkey romanticized mental illness and validated toyo culture. walang character development si alessandra de rossi. sinisi lahat sa sakit. fight me. 😌 https://t.co/mIKH3TruqU


the godfather pulp fiction the empire strikes back interstellar inception 1917 the favourite taxi driver trainspotting enemy the shawshank redemption the godfather part ii the godfather part iii any other godfather movie i forgot a clockwork orange the wolf of wall street https://t.co/ZW3jDJIDVd


The Perks of being a Wallflower, The Breakfast Club and Lady Bird. Please just stop making white coming of age films, I don’t care ❤️. https://t.co/M7FrsPOfZ6


Parasite because the way literally no one explained that stupid relationship between the mc and the girl he tutored lol https://t.co/gw3wljbCck


@explicitfilm Love, Simon was wack. The book was so much better, but I saw how much hype the movie was getting on here, so I watched it and,,,,,,, It was horrible. Leah was never supposed to “fall in love” with Simon and SHE GOT MAD AT HIM FOR NOT NOTICING. there was just so much wrong in it.


@explicitfilm Booksmart. It has its moments and was touchy, but just took WAY too long to get started for me 🤨


@explicitfilm Any Star Wars film….I’ve tried but I couldn’t make it past the first five minutes of the first film

So, tell me: What movies do you think are overhyped? Let me know in the comments below!

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