Police Protest Supercut Videos Go Viral

An officer shoving a protester to the ground. Two New York Police Department cars ramming demonstrators. Police using batons, bicycles and car doors as weapons.

“People are deeply unwilling to acknowledge the abuse from police,” he continued, noting that “the passive language used for police versus the active language used for protesters demonstrate our society’s unwillingness to confront systemic injustice imposed by police.”

Those whose footage appears in the compilation video said they were glad to see their individual clips put into broader context.

Alison Sul, a 21-year-old protester in Texas, said that her video had already been viewed 2.9 million times, but Mr. Uhl’s video provided a new audience.

“The more people who see this stuff, the more accountable the police are going to have to be,” said Nate Igor Smith, 40, a photographer in Brooklyn.

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