Schitt’s Creek Final Season Behind-The-Scenes Facts

Dan Levy kept the Rose Apothecary receipt Patrick gives David on their first date.


First, Dan Levy remembers writing the entire finale in only three hours, and said a script had never “come so easily.”


Hairstylist Ana Sorys started Season 6 with 25 wigs for Moira that she found throughout the year — the wigs were rarely written into the script, so it was up to Ana to find the best ones.

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At the beginning of the season, Ana would present all of the wigs she found to Catherine O’Hara and Dan, who would pick the ones they liked best.


The way they filmed the final season was they shot everything on set, took a brief hiatus, and then filmed all of the on-location scenes before wrapping the series.

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In fact, the last thing they filmed on their sound stages was Patrick and David’s wedding, so a lot of the tears in the scene are real because everyone was getting ready to say goodbye.

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Dan said there was this “melancholy magic in the air.”


The last scene Annie Murphy, Dan, and Catherine filmed on Schitt’s Creek was when David, Alexis, Patrick, and Stevie say goodbye to Moira and Johnny outside the motel.

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Annie said, “Those tears are not fake tears, those are very real tears. I think you can just basically see Annie Murphy and Dan Levy and it’s not David and Alexis. It’s the two of us having a real cry.”


Dan said one of the things he’s most proud of is that they were able to create a series finale where it was hard to separate the actors from the characters — he considers this a hallmark of a great finale.

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He remembered watching the series finale of Friends and saying that “part of the joy and excitement” of watching the final episode was trying to figure out if it was the actors crying or the characters.


One of the moments in the series finale that makes Eugene Levy cry the hardest is when David tells Johnny, “Thank you.”

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Dan explained it’s a multilayered line because not only is it David saying it to Johnny, but also Dan saying it to Eugene.


David and Patrick’s wedding was a “love letter to the crew” because they were able to showcase all of the different departments who helped make Schitt’s Creek.

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Dan explained, “You got to see the peak wardrobe from everybody, you got to see hair like you’ve never seen before, and makeup like you’ve never seen before, and production. That was so important to challenge our departments in those ways so they could also say goodbye.”


Bob’s full leather outfit was extremely heavy, and when John Hemphill wore it for the first time, Jennifer Robertson (Jocelyn) could not stop laughing.

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Annie Murphy considers it one of her favorite costumes of the entire series.


The scene where Stevie flees Larry Air wearing her flight attendant outfit was originally much longer — Emily Hampshire did more than 20 takes, and each time it was completely different.

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Dan couldn’t stop laughing and considers it one of the funniest moments in the entire series.


Karen Robinson had to go through several fittings in order to find the perfect gown for Ronnie to wear at The Crows Have Eyes III premiere.

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Dan and costume designer Debra Hanson had to find a gown that looked glamorous but was something you could totally buy in Schitt’s Creek.


The idea for Elevation and introducing a cult stemmed from Dan listening to a podcast about NXIVM.


In the table read for “Moira Rosé,” Eugene adorably didn’t know how to pronounce “‘za” when Patrick asks Johnny if he wants some pizza.


And Noah Reid “treasures” the day he filmed this Johnny and Patrick scene with Eugene because there weren’t many one-on-one moments between their two characters throughout the series.


Dustin Milligan and Annie filmed all of Alexis and Ted’s Skype sessions together — when they have their long-distance dinner date, Dustin was simply set up a few booths down from Annie.


One of the last scenes Dustin and Annie filmed together was when Ted and Alexis heartbreakingly go their separate ways.

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Annie said, “It was a goodbye for the characters, but it was also a goodbye for Dustin and me.”


Annie hilariously ran into Noah while he was covered in Patrick’s horrible spray tan when they were in the lunchroom, and she laughed so hard that Noah didn’t even sit with her.

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Annie explained that she was so shocked and Noah simply said “I don’t want to talk about it” and sat somewhere else.


Eugene originally proposed to Dan that Victor Garber play Artie, the older man Alexis starts dating after breaking up with Ted.

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After Eugene said Victor would be great for that role, Dan said, “I’m thinking of Victor for this other role,” which of course ended up being Clifton Sparks.


When Alexis rebounds with Artie, Dan considers it one of the few times we see “in Schitt’s Creek, behavior that existed outside of Schitt’s Creek.”

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Dan loved the idea of “having one last impulse from [Alexis’s] past kick in in the final hour, under the pressure and the stress and the sadness of Ted being away.”


Victor Garber was on speaker phone during the table read for “Sunrise, Sunset” and Noah was just in awe of how funny he was without even being in the room.


The entire cast joined the Jazzagals when they recorded the vocals for “Precious Love” and “Simply the Best” for David and Patrick’s wedding.

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They all sat around and listened to them record it, and they actually recorded it on set.


The last scene the cast and crew ever filmed at Café Tropical was when Twyla reveals to Alexis that she’s actually a multi-millionaire.


Dan and the writers went to an escape room for research before writing “The Bachelor Party” episode.


After filming wrapped, Karen Robinson actually took home one of the very polite signs from when the townspeople are mad at Moira.


Meanwhile, Emily ended up taking a Larry Air pamphlet, the giant stag painting from behind Stevie’s desk, a dead Tamagotchi, Stevie’s suit from the meeting in NYC, and a ton of Stevie’s iconic flannel shirts.


Annie admitted to taking Alexis’s Elmdale College degree, which includes the hilarious “pubic relations” typo.


And Dan swiped Rose Apothecary’s first receipt, which Patrick gave to David on their first date in Season 3.


Catherine had the idea for Moira to wear a Pope-like outfit in the final episode, and she also came up with incorporating Moira’s hair into the hat.


In fact, it took hairstylist Ana Sorys several weeks to figure out how to make Moira’s hair crown and the original wig was only 40 inches long, but Ana added an extra 20 inches.

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Ana used a glue that she used to put down tiles in her kitchen in order to get the hair to stay in place. This glue also didn’t discolor the wig at all.


While the final table read was sad in its own way, everyone considers the table read for “Start Spreading the News” the “most emotional” of the entire series.


One of the reasons the series ended with Johnny, Moira, David, Alexis, Patrick, and Stevie saying goodbye is because it helped show the importance of “found family.”

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Dan explained, “To end the episode simply by just people saying goodbye really felt it was honoring what the show was about, which was family and growth.”


And finally, the final season made Emmy Awards history when it set a record for the most wins by a single comedy series in the same season.

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It also became the first comedy series to sweep all four major acting categories in a single season.

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