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If you’re lucky enough to have a wood-burning fireplace, you can look forward to one of winter’s most enjoyable activities: spending cozy nights around the hearth.

But a roaring fire requires plenty of wood, and somewhere to put it. That makes one accessory — the log holder — especially useful at this time of year.

While a firewood holder is rarely the center of attention, “you want to make a choice that’s visually attractive, but also functional and easy to access,” said Corey Damen Jenkins, an interior designer in New York.

From tall metal racks to small woven baskets, there are a variety of options available, Mr. Jenkins said. The best choice depends on the scale and style of your room.

In a tight Manhattan living room, he said, “you may not be able to hold more than a few logs at a time” without taking up too much space. But in a big house in the country, “you can make a visual statement with a wall of firewood.”

Just remember: The smaller the firewood holder, the more time you’ll spend out in the cold. Because, as Mr. Jenkins pointed out, “you have to go out to replenish the supply.”

  • Which material is best? “Most times, I gravitate toward metal,” Mr. Jenkins said, for durability and ease of cleaning.

  • Should a firewood rack have legs? “Preferably — a rack should keep logs off the ground, so you can vacuum underneath it,” he said.

  • Are there alternatives to a free-standing firewood holder? Yes, if you’re renovating: Log storage can be built into a niche or cabinet beside the fireplace.

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