The 50 Best Things to Watch on Disney+ Right Now

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Of all the companies to enter the streaming wars, Disney has significant advantages with Disney+. It can draw from a deep vault of its own animated and live-action movies and from popular shows on its own cable networks — as well as from company properties like Marvel and Star Wars. And that’s not counting the platform’s slate of original TV shows and movies.

That’s a lot of material: nearly 500 films and 7,500 TV episodes at the time of its debut. Below is our guide to the 50 best titles on Disney+, arranged in reverse chronological order with an eye toward variety. As the service continues to build its catalog, this list will change too.

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On her first day in the Oval Office, President Elena Cañero-Reed gets a copy of the diary she started writing as a sixth-grader, with a reminder from her mother to remember her roots. Although the “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez puts in guest appearances as the adult Elena, most of this bright comedy-drama takes place in flashback, with a particularly bright 12-year-old Cuban-American (Tess Romero) getting put through the adolescent paces. The path to the White House winds through lunchroom drama and getting used to mom’s new boyfriend.

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The latest attempt to revive the vaudevillian magic of “The Muppet Show” tries to ingratiate itself with the tech-savvy, screen-addicted modern kid, losing some of the backstage camaraderie that made it feel like puppet friends putting on a show. But the new episodes are tightly constructed and mostly clever, with segments casting Miss Piggy as a temperamental influencer, the Swedish Chef as an inept cooking-show host and Kermit the Frog as a celebrity interviewer. Even when a bit falls flat, “Muppets Now” whisks along efficiently into the next one.

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