The Joy of Just Good Enough Theater

“Eros en Confinement” (“Eros Under Lockdown”), presented in front of the Espace Cardin, where the Théâtre de la Ville is based while its main stage is under renovation, was more reckless in its attempt to make sense of this year, to the point that the director, Lazare, apologized to the audience afterward in case anyone was “shocked.”

There was no need: Parisian theatergoers don’t scare easily, and no one batted an eyelash as he chomped on dead leaves and licked the bare feet of his partner, the dancer and choreographer Jann Gallois.

While the performance’s structure was set in advance, a lot of “Eros Under Lockdown” was improvised. Luckily, Lazare is a brilliant, Dionysian orator. His rants about ancient gods, ruins and lockdown, with double-entendres thrown in on the fly, may not have been very consequential, but they were certainly entertaining.

Meanwhile, Gallois anchored the performance. With Lazare’s help, she entered by walking horizontally on the facade of the Espace Cardin, one arm wrapped around her partner’s shoulders for support — a quietly poetic moment.

The combination of the pair’s very different energies was intriguing enough to sustain attention, even though “Eros Under Lockdown” didn’t really say much about the lockdown at all. “It’s important to reinvent how we work, to test out our freedom,” Lazare told us after the show.

The result may or may not have hit the mark, but it didn’t have to. After months of uncertainty, watching theater that is just good enough is already comforting — and not something to be taken for granted.

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