Things Non-Americans Don’t Understand About American TV


The medicine commercials:

okay i’ve never really watched american tv but why do they have medicine ads??? like you have to ask doctors about specific medicine instead of it being prescribed??? wtf

Twitter: @oranginadrank


The yellow tint on other countries:

Why do American movies and tv shows, show third world countries yellow? Like hello we do have blue skies, rainbows and red flowers. you know that right?

Twitter: @aditi_diy


The fake car scenes:

Why do American TV shows always do car scenes in a fake car in a studio? It looks so cheap and obviously fake. Why not do what we brits do and film in an actual car on an actual road 🤷🏻‍♂️. If we can do it I’m sure they can.

Twitter: @Shaunjenks


The school-wide text:

how come in American tv shows when someone sends a text it goes to the whole school? does everyone have each others numbers or something?

Twitter: @rhch155


The dramatization of high school:

Why do American tv shows/films about high school make it sound so awful and it’s something students need to “survive”?? Is it really that bad ? 😂

Twitter: @tlc546

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What other things about American TV do you not understand? Let us know in the comments below!

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