Tom Brady Passed Twice on One Play. And It (Sort of) Worked.

It’s one of the first rules you learn when you get taken into the backyard and taught how to play football:

You can only throw one forward pass each play.

On Monday night, Tom Brady tried to get away with breaking that rule. And in a way, it worked.

Early in the fourth quarter of Tampa Bay’s game against the Los Angeles Rams, Brady’s Buccaneers had a third-and-10 at their 34-yard line. Brady threw over the middle, but the ball was blocked at the line of scrimmage by linebacker Terrell Lewis.

A lot of good things have happened to Tom Brady in his life, and here came another. The deflected ball, which could have gone in almost any direction, caromed directly back to him. Brady reacted with lightning speed, snatched the carom out of the air and … passed the ball again?

Yes, perhaps because of a brain freeze, or maybe because he thought no one would notice, Brady tried his second pass of the play. That’s a violation of the rules of the N.F.L., the Canadian Football League and just about every type of organized football down to your cousin’s youth league.

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