What Did Museum Sign Up For: Exhibition or Investigation?

Ms. Landres said in an interview that she suggested converting the exhibition into virtual programming but was turned down, an assertion Ms. Carvajal denied. Some of the $120,000 in grant money from the Knight Foundation was then used, with the foundation’s blessing, to create a different online experience, “I Remember Miami,” in which people shared memories of the city.

“We want to create content that is meaningful, that creates unity, that reminds all of us of the beautiful moments in our city,” Ms. Crujeiras said in an online discussion of the arts in Miami. She described the Forensic exhibition to viewers as “sophisticated, beautiful,” but said it had “very complex elements” that made it difficult to present online during a pandemic.

Ms. Landres said that as disagreements over the Forensic exhibition deepened, Ms. Carvajal falsely accused her of acting without authorization and of running over the budget for “True to Scale.” Then in May, Ms. Landres said, Ms. Crujeiras told her that she was being put on paid leave and that her contract, which expired in June 2020, would not be renewed.

College and museum officials said they could not discuss the rationale for not renewing the contract, calling it a personnel matter.

In an email to The Times, Ms. Landres said she thought that the effort to “balance” the Forensic exhibition was designed to placate some of the college’s more conservative trustees. But one trustee, Marcell Felipe, an appointee of Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, said he had not been aware of the show.

“I don’t think it was ever discussed” by the board, he said.

Now back in New York, Ms. Landres said the museum had failed to live up to its ideals and to the commitment it made to the group whose work it was exhibiting.

“They removed any possibility that we would actually arrive closer to the truth about Homestead,” she said. “That’s political censorship and it’s also a form of artistic censorship.”

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