What Should I Watch After I’ve Binged ‘Dead to Me’?

Because you like “Fauda” and “False Flag,” your first stop should be Hulu’s “Prisoners of War” (“Hatufim”), the Israeli series on which “Homeland” was loosely based. Two soldiers return to Israel after 17 years as hostages, but what should be a joyous reunion is also tainted by suspicion and violence.

For something with more visual flair, there are two recent mini-series adapted from novels by John le Carré that fit the bill: “The Night Manager,” starring Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie, and “Little Drummer Girl,” starring Florence Pugh and Michael Shannon. Each follows a new recruit — a former soldier, a young actress — who gets sucked in to a world of international espionage, and glamorous, dangerous globe-trotting ensues. (Both shows aired on AMC; “Night” is streaming on Amazon, and “Drummer” is on Sundance Now.)

There’s “The Heavy Water War,” a Norwegian series set during World War II and based on real events (available on Amazon Prime). It’s a little less of the heart-pounding tension and little more of the search for morality.

After all that, you might want a foreign spy comedy, in which case, try Netflix’s “A Very Secret Service,” a French series set in the 1960s that has a sort of “Archer”-y vibe.

I am intrigued by survival content. I loved “All is Lost” the first time I saw it years ago and recently watched it twice. “Life of Pi” and “Arctic” were also hits. I devoured all the seasons of “Alone,” and I am even willing to go a bit off course, and let a few interlopers in, as when I enjoyed “The Terror” mini-series, and Shackleton documentaries. So what could be next? — Abby

One of my favorites, and among my most-recommended shows, is “The Last Alaskans,” a documentary series on the Discovery Channel about the few people still allowed to live in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. While it’s not strict solo survivalism, it’s close, and the stunning cinematography is unmatched in unscripted television.

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