What to Do When Most Days Feel Like Wednesdays

Welcome. How are you? Wednesdays were a bear even before the pandemic came to town and made most days feel like Wednesdays. Now Wednesdays are like Wednesdays squared, like Nebraska on a cross-country drive, 456 miles from Omaha in the East all the way to the Wyoming line. They’re a long way from a weekend that is hardly a weekend for many, in both directions on the calendar.

These long summer sunlit days do allow us a kind of magical reverie, even in places where the coronavirus swirls. There is the dawn to walk in, the sidewalks empty below the birds above. There is sunset to watch and the lengthy evening that precedes it, with drinks on a stoop or a porch, dinner taken on a fire escape or in a yard. Those can help and, tonight, I hope you’ll do both.

But I get how it’s hard. You woke up at home and some of you worked or looked for work all day at home, and tonight you’ll be at home again, all of us safest at home. It’s going to be that way for a long time to come. And it’s hard not to think of James Baldwin, and a line of his from “Giovanni’s Room,” about how home is perhaps no longer a place, “but an irrecoverable condition.”

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Let’s take advantage of that. Let’s set aside time to read Baldwin, and to listen to Dinah Shore and Andre Previn duet on “Begin the Beguine” and “April in Paris,” live in 1959. Let’s imagine visiting Storm King, and then make plans actually to do so, when the weekend comes, if we can. Let’s make Dorie Greenspan’s tumble-jumble strawberry tart, and push the children to get well and truly bored.

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